About Me

Hello! ^That's me! I'm  Laura.

 I'm a twenty-something gal with an itch to use my hands to create in anyway that I can. Whether that be cooking, creating jewelry, drawing, painting, pottery, make-up, I love it all.
I am pretty much self taught in everything, except I go to school for art, specifically printmaking. I will have my degree in December of this year (2010).

While my main goal for this blog is to share my recipes and cooking, I will also be sharing bits of fashion, art, do it yourself ideas, cool photos, sometimes music, and some personal touches thrown into the mix.

 My fuzzy child Miah (pronounced: me-ah) says HAI!
She is half bengal! and one of the loves of my life! 

My recipes are primarily here to provide you with a quick and easy meal that even the NON-cooks can make! Being in college and having a love for cooking, I felt that I needed to create simple recipes for myself and my family and friends to be able to enjoy. I feel that these recipes are easy to master and will last a life time! They are here so you can take them as they are, or add your own twist to them. My only hope is that you enjoy them :)

Thanks for stopping by!

- Laura


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