Mastering the French Omelette

February 4, 2010   
So after watching this movie:
I got really inspired to cook a Juila Child style omelette. And I did it just the way Juila Child does in her cooking show.
Now, I am not really an egg person, unless it's loaded with veggies. After I made this omelette I am now converted into a: I eat egg with just salt & pepper kind of person. BUT only if it's prepared this way.
For some reason, I think, that this way of cooking gives the egg so much flavor, and the texture is light and fluffy, it honestly blew my mind! no joke! The method is very simple I think a monkey could learn how to do it!
So for the recipe, I will let Juila Child show you how it's done.

I don't think I will every make an omelette differently now. I wonder if you can add veggies to this and it would come out the same? hmmm... that's something I will have to test out!

Au revoir my friends!
<3 Laura


Anonymous said...

i love the french omlet too, will you make me one- matt

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