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April 28, 2010   
So this post has no recipe. However, I did cook this weekend for my family. Nothing too special.. just a pasta salad and steelhead trout! It was delicious and if you are interested in the recipes just let me know, then I will post them. Again, they are super easy!

Since the BF is gone all week and I'm home alone and bored, I decided to post some eye candy to cheer my mood up...
I also need to find motivation and things to do to keep me busy while he is away..
^these are super awesome. I'd totally rock these! I want to make a pair!.. I should stick to my goal for a granny square afghan first though
^ umm these pictures are too cute for words!!! I'm a sucker for kitties.. and dogs too!
^ I seriously cannot wait for this movie to come out! I L.O.V.E. Sex and the city!
 ^I am growing lavender and I can't wait until it blooms and I can harvest it!
 ^I want to have one of these in my back yard some day
^i'd love to conk out in that exact spot right now... ahhh for now I will just pretend my bed is this scene.

My school is holding a Chilli Fest in a few days and I'm a little excited! It's a charity event for Make-a-wish! How cool is that? I went last year and it was really a good time. They are holding a mustache contest too..which is quite silly.

I promise a recipe will be posted next time!
xoxo Laura


Matthew said...

Those boots stay in the house…
I never thought I could love a cat until I saw it through your eyes, and if I get a dog it will too.
Sex in the city isn’t so bad…for you
I cant wait to harvest my plants either.
I Could build one for you, there’s plenty of room
We need a vacation, lets do this
I am sleeping alone too, I wish I was sleeping next to you now ; love

rachel! said...

that back yard house and cot look amazingggg. and the kitties and booties! ahh, i like i like.

Laura said...

aren't they lovely?!

Anonymous said...

Those granny square boots are amazing!! I'm in love, haha-- I would totally rock them too!

Thanks for stopping by POP Fizz and leaving a sweet comment! Sorry you didn't win the Freckled Nest giveaway, but registration for both upcoming e-courses is still open. Hope to see you there!! xo Nicole

Laura said...

haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who would rock em! ;o)
Better luck next time for the giveaway right?
I'll definitely try to sign up for the ecourses soon, thanks for responding back!!

Beatriz said...

yes, yes, and yes! So many of my favorite things. I CANNOT wait for Sex and the City 2!! Woohoo!! Great blog. You make me very aware of what a bad cook I am haha!

PS My giveaway ends today! Come check it out ;)

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by Beatriz! :) I entered your giveaway just in time, thanks for the heads up!
PS. my recipes are simple, you should try some out.. even some non-cooks I know have successfully made some!


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