Dressing Your Salad

May 5, 2010   
Hi everyone, In between the DIY post that is coming up, I just wanted to share with you a line of dressings that I love! I think I have shared one of them in the past, but I want to share more!

The brand is Olde Cape Cod, you can purchase them online here: http://cainsfoods.elsstore.com/view/category/309-salad-dressings/
They have them in my local grocery stores for much cheaper though!

Here are some reallyy yummy flavors:
Description from site: Our Parmesan & Peppercorn Dressing is so good because we use three types of Parmesan Cheese, a Wisconsin domestic and two imported from Italy, Reggiano and Venezza. From this mix we get a superior robust and distinctive taste that is low in calories and fat.
^If you like creamy dressings like ranch or blue cheese, you will love this one!
Description from site: Our Famous Poppyseed Dressing is everyone's favorite! The sweet & sour taste is complimented by the perfect blend of sour cream, canola oil, Dijon mustard and fresh onion. The result is a delightful dressing that's perfect on lettuce, spinach and fruit salads. We're sure you'll love it too!!!!
^ I LOOOVE this one! It's perfect for summer salads, it's light and refreshing!
Description from site:
Our All Natural Sundried Tomato with Olive Oil and Basil is perfectly seasoned with Basil, Rosemary, Garlic and other great spices that add a special Mediterranean flavor to any salad. This dressing also taste great as a Salmon or Chicken marinade. Plus it low in fat and calories.
^soooo good!

They have a ton more on their site, and even more selection at the store. I think they also come out with limited edition ones too! In my fridge right now I have a Zesty Mango Vinaigrette. It's awesome!
I think I like them so much because for me, they are light and down weigh the salad down, plus it's all natural which is an added bonus!

Stay tuned for the cute DIY project!

xo Laura 


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