Fashion Fridays

June 11, 2010   
So I'm starting a new feature called FASHION FRIDAYS. 
Every Friday I will put together an outfit and feature it here.
Lately I feel the need to update my wardrobe so maybe this will help inspire me! 

For the first feature, I put together this outfit...  I wish I could throw this on right now! I'll have to search for something similar. I'm definitely a jeans kinda gal, but I love dressing it up with a cute top & shoes!

Have a Happy weekend!

love Laura


Anonymous said...

cute outfit!

the southern hostess said...

Adorable! Love those jeans.

Sarah said...

I have a couple seahorse pedants from my mom if you want on let me know. You'll just have to put in on a chain or something that you already have. <3

Laura said...

Sarah I'd love that! I could totally make one for you too.. next time I come down we'll have to go to the craft store and get some chains

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