Green Machine

June 20, 2010   
I have a few pretty sweet things I have to share with you this week! Here is the LIST:

A before and after pic of my end table,
a new project I am going to start,
a cameo necklace & earring set that was my great grandmothers!
and a pretty amazing flash card set... How cheesy does that sound right? BUT it's in this little greenhouse case.. and on each card is a different plant.. and on the back it tells you how to care for it.. I am pumped.. because there is probably about 200 cards.

For now.. I will let you know that I am in between houses.. so it's been hard finding time to blog on a regular basis.. but I promise once July comes I will be back on schedule!

& also I will leave you with these pretty green pics.. because green is my favorite :)

^ I freakin' loove that dress! On a wedding site I read that she made it herself! It's perfect.. and the pink adds that extra somethin!

Have a Happy Monday!
Love Laura

(pics found on weheartit)


Ashley said...

sooo pretty!

CupKay said...

that dress is absolutely gorgeous! OH MYY Cutest dress ever! haha and those shoes!? LOVE this post. :)

Rai said...

Pretty! Thanks for that nice comment on my ragdoll post, if you want one of your own just let me know x

Anonymous said...

These images are so pretty :)

Laura said...

ashley- aren't they?! :)
CupKay- haha I am gaga over the dress and shoes too!
Rai - I left this comment on your blog: I'd absolutely love one!
The Cookie Button - thanks for stopping by :-D

Green Pickles said...

Oh my word- that green dress is AMAZING!
I love green too but then I bet you guessed that!
Cant wait to have your ad on my blog - thanks so much!

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