Busyy Busyyy

July 8, 2010   
Today I am very busy! I am going to a wedding all weekend (I know I've mentioned this several times!) But I have to get my stuff ready for that.. which consists of: multiple outfits, all of my bath and body products, and I still need to go shopping for a dress! ekkk. I am last minute Charlie over here!

I thought that since tomorrow is Fashion Friday, and I will have a post for that, I'd leave you with some wedding eye candy. I work at a wedding venue, so I get to see a ton of dresses and color combos. But I still love to find cool themes and ideas! For my wedding (if I ever get married, I want to do a ton of DIY and I want to make the invitations and flower arrangments! a ton of work I know, but it's just in my nature.)

I'm in love with more non-traditional ways.. or traditional with a twist!

Peace & Love


Anonymous said...

Some amazing photos here! Wow you work in a wedding venue? Then every day is magical... you get to be with happy (but nervous!) people all day! Nice!

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

great inspirations pics!

I had a wedding the last weekend from my cousin and it was on a beautiful place...mh now i want to get married right now ;p

Laura said...

Cafe Bellini - Yes I work at a wedding venue! It's amazing to see the magical moments every week!
Kim-Anh - I know looking at wedding pics makes me want to get married now! ;o)

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