Fashion Friday

July 16, 2010   
Happy Happy Fridayyy!

Hello lovely readers!
I am happy that it's the weekend and here is another fashion post!
I'd love to throw this on right now for a day out in the town! I'd probably pair it with a cute straw hat & earrings, but couldn't find anything to match! So I will let you use your own mind to fill in what else goes with this outfit.
I am totally loving the oversized menswear shirts as dresses. They are so comfy and perfect for summer.
And I will never get sick of anything involving owls!

On a blogging note, I'd like to start doing more features on here so I don't ALWAYS have random stuff. I think a schedule will help motivate me. Having this FF feature is great motivation for me to blog and I feel like it's helping me step up my fashion sense a little. (I was falling off the band wagon for a little I think)
I'm thinking of a specific recipe day, and even a weekly wine feature! 

Have a happy weekend!



Missed Periods said...

I like the oversized men's shirt as dress too. And I think a weekly wine feature would be great. I'm out of the wine loop since I stopped working in the restaurant industry, so I would love some direction.

Cherry Red Studio said...

i totally wish i could do the shirt as a dress large in the chest-area (lol) so everything like that makes me look like im wearing a tent haha. ive noticed a lot of things doing that to me lately clothes look kinda funny anywyas tho :)

Laura said...

Missed Periods- This week I will start the weekly wine feature! can't wait, I love wine :)

Cherry Red - aww haha well i'm the opposite.. small chest.. big butt! So my clothes probably look funny too ;o)

CupKay said...

I love that outfit! I'd probably look so weird in those shoes, though, unfortunately, because all I wear are flats and It's hard for me to walk in heels. I love dresses like that though!

Laura said...

haha flats would look totally cute with them too!.. those dresses are so easyy to just throw on and go :)

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