New Spectacles

July 12, 2010   
Happy Monday!
Today I have an appointment to get new glasses!!! I can't wait, because I have been waiting for a year to get new ones, and just never got around to it. How bad is that??
And I might get contacts too. I have never had them before, but I think it's time.
One thing I really need my glasses for is to drive, and when I'm out peoples faces and anything with lettering on it bothers the heck out of me! It's so blurry! Once in a while I forget to bring my glasses and I end up with a killer headache from squinting so much.

A while back, I picked out a pair of amazing Chanel glasses, but they were way too expensive. I wonder what kind of glasses this place will have to offer. Only time will tell! I will be brave and post a picture of me with them later, if they don't have to be ordered!

In the meantime, here is an array of glasses eye-candy:

I hope my vision hasn't got worse! xx Crossing fingers!!

Peave, Love, and 4-eyes


Meg said...

I love the All Dolled Up print! Good luck, I will keep my fingers crossed that your vision hasn't gotten worse! Have a great day!!

Thera Joyce said...

Love the spectacles! The kitty photo is super cute!

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

I'm always afraid about that too, but now i'm wearing contact lenses !! yeah and i'm really feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I need glasses to drive and the rest of the time I walk around looking at blurry images :-) I want a pair of Chanel glasses too - I see you're going for the 'sexy secretary look'? hahaha just don't forget the red lipstick :-)

Laura said...

Meg - My vision was healthy! Just needed a stronger prescription

Thera - I love the kitty pic!.. and girls with spectacles are sexy ;o)

Kim - Anh - They were going to charge me a huge fee for contacts so I'm going to have to wait :(

Cafe Bellini - They didn't have my Chanels! And yes the sexy secretary look is what I go for haha... I just have to work on that red lipstick!

Ashley said...

I love that kitty cat! HE looks so smart!

Ashley said...

PS I'm adding your button

Laura said...

Ashley - he does look so smart!
and thank you sooo much! I am over joyed :-D

emma said...

how fun! i wish i was getting new glasses this week.

Cherry Red Studio said...

lol its kinda funny ashley mentioning adding your button cause i just realized i didnt have it yet(thot i did) and was going to tell u im grabbing it :)

i love getting new glasses! i dont wear mine much, i usually wear my contacts cause glasses hurt my eyes. i cant see to walk through my own house without them! my visions pretty bad lol

Missed Periods said...

I know I shouldn't wish for poorer eye sight, but I do think eye glasses are so sexy, but I can't bring myself to wear the faux ones.

Laura said...

emma - i had to order them :( so I have to wait!! not fun

Cherry Red - Thank you so much :-D
Sometimes they hurt my head and the bridge of my nose.. thats why I wish I had contacts but they were going to change me a ton of money!

Missed Periods - I agree... they add a sexy quality! haha

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Hope they arrive soon.

I actually quite like the fact i have to wear glasses. Buying new pairs to suit your mood is so much fun :)

Amy said...

i actually love glasses, i think they are fun and quirky :) X

Laura said...

Tiny Teapot - I hope they come soon tooo! I will have to invest in a few different styles

Amy - They are quirky and fun.. and have become a part of who I am :) sometimes I just forget to put them on!

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