Things that I need badly!

July 20, 2010   
So moving into a new place isn't always fun. In the past month, I've moved into my new apartment and I've slowly realized a list of things I need to make my life easier. But mostly they are just things I want really bad ;o)
I need a drill so bad! There are tons of things I want to make or put up on the walls and it would make it ten times easier if I had one of these babies. And how cute would it be to have it in pink!?

I need a food processor BADLY! It would make my cooking life easier.

A Beautiful new camera. I need to start taking more pictures, and better food pics! I have a crappy point and shoot and it doesn't do the job.

AND I really think a cupcake is totally necessary for my well-being right now :)

Enjoy the night! Wine-Down Wednesday tomorrow!!

~ Laura


Meg said...

I will take that cupcake!! Yummy!


Sonya Zombiee said...

I support the cupcake decision. Hehe. :)

Laura said...

I need to go make cupcakes now!!
and meg you got it?! I havent yet... we shall seee!! was it worth the wait?

Cherry Red Studio said...

cupcakes are alllllways necessary!!
ive moved a lot in the past year and a half and putting stuff on the walls and fixing things is a pain! i love my drill! i have a really cheap one but it does the job

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