September 15, 2010   
I can't believe it's Wednesday already!
Where do they days go?! I am happy that the weather is getting a little cooler so I can start wearing boots and sweaters :)

I'd like to share a lot more of the natural and good for you knowledge that I have.. and today I am going to start with one of my FAVORITE things to drink...  Coconut Water! and not just any coconut water.. this kind right here:

I know what some of you may be thinking... ew! That does not sound very good.
It is natural and very good for you, but give it a try and I am almost positive you will enjoy it. or if you have tried it.. give it another shot!

Here are some benefits of this amazing drink:
-15x more potassium than sports drinks
-Naturally loaded with 5 essential electrolytes
-Helps maintain proper body temperature
-Regulates function of the intestines
-Promotes smoother skin
-Helps detoxify the body and boost your immune system
-Helps ease stomach pain

*I heard that if you use it on your face as a toner it can do wonders*

I do have to say that when I first tried it, I wasn't convinced. I took one sip and thought oh yuck.
But I kept going back to it. It's just one of those things that you have to allow your taste buds to get used to. 
It's a new flavor that they have never tasted before and they need time to develop.
Now there is no turning back for me. I CRAVE it!

I know that there are other brands of coconut water out there but for me this brand tops them all.

It comes in a few different flavors:
100% Pure
Acai & Pomegranate
Passion Fruit

My favorite is the 100% pure. I also like the PeachMango & Pineapple. To be honest, I really don't care for the pomegranate... but that's just me!
I also like to throw into smoothies instead of sugar filled juices.

Here is the products website:

Go check it out, go buy some, and I hope you love it as much as I do

~ Laura


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