Weekly Agenda

December 20, 2010   
So I have a strong feeling that this week is going to be jam packed. So I must use my time wisely. (Here I am at 1am typing a blog post, who am I kidding I'm never going to wake up.) Ugh but despite this fact, I must force myself.

I just moved back home from a semester at school. I hate moving. It's a pain. But it's necessary in life.
I feel like my entire world is turned upside down and nothing is in order! So with that, I thought I'd make a little agenda for myself for the week.. through pictures:

Make Cinnamon Spice Angel Cookies
(This is bound to make everything alright, right?)
Grocery shop for Christmas meal:

Study menu for new job:

Start crocheting gifts: (I know it's a little late to be starting this but I can bust 'em out!)

Prep any food for Saturday ahead of time:

Dye Hair:

I know I have a few more things to get done.... it's all a jumble. But I'm hoping after the week things start falling in place! I hope to share some pics of the things I accomplish this week and of course recipes!
xo Laura


leyla said...

I'm on a crochet tear too...one scarf, two baby beanies, two headbands, a few dishcloths. Plus like a million cookies. Running out of time, eek!

Laura said...

time flys! haha I didnt get everything done :(

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