Anyone home?

January 24, 2011   
Helloooo??! *taps computer screen three times* is anyone in there?!

Wow. So it's been a while huh?

I seem to go through these little spells every few months... and this has had me thinking for the past few weeks.
While I certainly needed a break, I didn't think it was going to be for that long!

Anyway, what is it that I have been thinking about?
Well, it's the big 'C' word.............. Change.
That's right folks.... change can be a good thing ya know!

While I have many passionate interests such as fashion and art, I believe that maybe focusing on one or having a generalized theme of the blog will be a smoother way to blogging success for me. I know the main chunk so far for LaLaLovely has been my recipes and cooking, but I have all that jumble that I throw into the mix. And while it sparks an interest with my own brain, I understand that the cooking and recipes don't necessarily coincide with the art and fashion. At least the way that I have been doing it in the past it  hasn't.

So as the new year came upon me, I said to myself: "Self! 2011 will be a year of change and big things."... and so be it!

My goal is to transform LaLaLovely into my own personal Cooking Blog.
Follow me on my journey into BAKING (something I don't do often), my own culinary masterpieces.... or disasters! And last but not least cocktails and wine - I am very passionate about wine and certain cocktails and I would love to be able to share any knowledge that I have with you about this subject.
OH, and I'm sure Miah (Mee-ah.. my kitty cat) will pop up here and there to say hi too!

I would love to redesign the entire site to fit my own needs for this new transformation.... so I may be doing this on my own or seeking someone who may be able to help.

AND.... possibly taking suggestions to either change the name 'LaLaLovely' or to keep it... or incorporate it in a different title! I'm open to ideas!

And as I have mentioned before... bare with me through the mess!

Stay Tuned (Mid Feb. 2011 or Early March 2011!)

XO Laura


Anonymous said...

I vote to keep the name LaLaLovely!!!! And I have loved reading about all your different cooking ideas (I especially liked the personalized tea box you made for your mom) I would love to say hi to Miah as well!!! lol Good luck with the designing process (I'm no good at that- and you are the art major) I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Love, Stefani

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