A New Inspiration!

September 22, 2009   
Yayyy! I finally have a blog!! It took me a while to actually put one of these things together, because I honestly could not think of a good title. There were alot of blogs out there with really cool names that I wish I had thought up myself! But for now, I think this suits me at this point :) Ideally, I wanted to create this blog so I can keep my recipe ideas, finds, craft ideas and finds, and new and cool ideas in order. And to also share them with my friends and family. When I cook or make something I NEVER write down how I did it, so I think it's about time!
On that note, I just want to say that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE fall in NH. Everything about it is just so magical! The smells, tastes, sounds, the cool CRISP air, APPLE PICKING, MUMS! GOURDS! BOOTS, SWEATERS! STEW! I love it all.

Today, Matthew and I went apple picking at an orchard in Sanbornton, NH. It was this cute little farm off the beaten path. They had PYO Apples and Pumpkins (which I called POG pumpkins) because they were already picked off the stem and just thrown on the ground. Pick Off the Ground pumpkins. They also had the CHEAPEST mums I have found in this area. Everywhere I go they are atleast $9.99 or more, these were only 6 bucks! We bought red ones :)

The only apples that were ready to be picked were Mcintosh and Cortland, so we bought one peck mixed with both kinds. When we were walking through the fields, I decided to climb up one of the trees and Matt decided to take a picture with his Iphone. As he snapped the picture I looked up and saw the BIGGEST bees nest just hanging above my head. Figures, the first tree I decide to climb up and theres a giant nest of bees! Just my luck! I did not climb anymore trees after that! I will post pics later of me in the tree, the nest, and me dissapearing down the tree after I saw it! We also bought freshly pressed apple cider. That is one thing that gets me so excited about fall. This cider tastes so FRESH and it's not too sweet and not too bitter either. Matt bought some at hannafords not too long ago and it was so sweet, it ruined the whole experience for me. But this one is perfect.
I believe that going to farmers markets and farm stands or orchards can save you alot of money! I highly reccomend checking out your local markets or orchards. You can find some really cool things at them! I will post a recipe Idea next time. Have a Happy Weekend and EMBRACE Fall! XoXo. Laura


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