Handcut fries, Gin & Juice

October 25, 2009   
Today has been a very gloomy rainyyyy day. Sometimes, I LOVE these kind of days. They are lazy and make me just want to cuddle all day and cook food and stay in my PJs. I am going to admit, that I did this today and it felt DAMN GOOD. I wont reveal what time I actually woke up because it might make you sick...  :)

TONIGHT Matthew and I were going to go out, but ended up staying in. I made one of my favorite drinks(alcoholic)  EVER. It's a recipe from Z food and Drink in Manchester. My sister works there and the food is very delicious! The drink is called Gin & juice, and typically I do not like gin very much but this drink calls for Rangpur Gin by Tanqueray, which is very very smooth and light compared to your typical gin.
To make this drink you use:
2 oz of Rangpur
a  couple splashes of sour mix (I like to use lemon juice instead because it cuts out the sugar, which makes my stomach upset)
a spash of simple syrup (you can easily make your own, boil water with double the amount of sugar, take off heat, let cool, you can store in fridge for a week or so)
I then put these in a cocktail shaker, shake it up, pour in glass THEN..
fill rest of class with tonic
and then do a Chambord float on top (which is just a few drizzles on top.)
(Chambord is a raspberry flavored liqueur)

The bar tender at Z might make it better than I do but it's still really good :)

I also made homemade handcut fries just the way that we like em, with a little bit of SPICE.
I cut too many potatoes up, which made too many fries, so we couldn't finish them all. But they were DELICIOUS. Here is the recipe I use, it's very very simple and really doesn't take all that long to make. I have also found that I use the same spices for alot of recipes that I cook, and YOU KNOW WHAT? I am not ashamed to share that because it just so happens to work with everything I have made. In the future I think I am going to create Laura's Essence with all of the spices...

Handcut Baked Fries

for two people I'd only use about 3 or 4 med. sized potatoes.. which is what I used..
I lined a baking sheet with tin foil and drizzled Olive oil all over it.
I cut the fries up like this: (and drizzle a little more Olive Oil)

I then liberally  season them with all of the typical seasonings I use for everything :) You can choose to leave some out or season it your own way...
Fresh cracked Sea Salt
Fresh ground Pepper
Red Pepper Flakes. FOR THE SPICE!!
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
A little Lemon Pepper seasoning
I used Italian Seasonings..
and Seasoned Salt

I then cook for about 30 mins at 350 - 400 degrees
I sometimes concoct a SPICY MAYO to serve or just ketchup is fabulous too!

They were kicked up and very good!

I am going to cuddle with Matthew and Miah


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