Granny Squares

January 29, 2010   

This post is going to be totally non food related. It's going to be about CROCHETING!
This past year my Nana, who is 77 years old, taught me how to crochet. I love everything about it, but haven't had a lot of motivation to actually finish anything I have started.
I started to crochet a really big blanket, that could probably fit a queen sized bed nicely, but it takes sooooo long to do and gets boring.
SO I have decided that I am going to make a granny square afghan.
1. Because I can make individual squares so I wont get bored
2. They are colorful
3. They are awesome
4. I need to start making goals for myself, ones that I actually finish.

So let this be my first craft related goal for 2010 (besides any work that I need for my studio classes)
I know this is a long period of time, but I will give myself until Thanksgiving to finish it! HAHA that may be a stretch, but a good one at that.
The hard part will be choosing a color scheme...


{eleise} said...

Great colors! =) How fun!

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