CaraCara Orange

January 27, 2010   
SO I just ate one of these guys and I wanted to share it with you.
Yes, I am talking about an orange. It's a variety called Cara Cara. I discovered this type of orange last year, but it's peak season is only December and January. I couldn't find them forever, and now they are finally back in stores. They are a little more expensive, but THEY ARE WORTH IT!
Every time I buy an orange, they are so bland and not juicy, just really fiber-ish tasting.

These babies are awesome. They have a slighty pinkish color and a sweet taste. They are actually low in acid. The flavor is known to be a little more complex than most oranges, somewhat of a mix between cherry, black berry and rose petal. I know that sounds weird, but oh my gosh, do I love em! So go to the store and give them a try if you like oranges!

On another note, I do want to try and post some healthier recipes on here for 2010. I do love rich, finger lickin' good food, but healthy food can be very tasty too!
It's also very late, so please don't look at the time stamp and see how late I actually ate this orange!

<3 Laura


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