Chicken Broccoli Pizza

February 23, 2010   
Tonight for dinner I was craving pizza! But not the greasy heavy kind. I thought of a simple recipe that wont weigh you down. It is very easy to make and I have made a white version with Alfredo sauce instead of red sauce in the past. Which is equally as delicious!
Chicken Broccoli Pizza

1 - 2 chicken breasts (I baked these in the oven earlier in the day with olive oil and seasonings and stored them in the fridge for easy use!)
1/2 cup of red or white sauce
1 1/2 cups of Italian or Mozzarella cheese
1 cup of chopped broccoli
pizza dough
a few pinches of flower to dust on the dough

Bake the chicken at 350 for 15 minutes if it's not already cooked, then chop into 1in. pieces
Cook pizza at 400 degrees
grease a baking sheet with olive oil or use a pizza stone
Take the ball of dough and stretch it out until desired thickness and shape and sprinkle with flour.
Shape the dough on your stone or baking sheet
(I season the dough with salt, pepper, garlic powder and Italian seasonings)
Spoon on sauce
sprinkle 1 cup of cheese
layer the chicken and broccoli
and top with remaining 1/2 cup of cheese
Bake for about 15 minutes or until crust starts to brown!

I enjoyed this pizza a lot and I even left overs.... midnight snack anyone? :)

<3 Laura


{eleise} said...

hmm...this looks good...i wish i didn't have such a picky hubby otherwise i would try this!

Wanna Be A Foodie said...

We are doing pizza this weekend!! Meant to do it last night for "LOST" night, but had to work LATE!

We found that the key is the sauce -- San Marzano tomatoes (big can) and a little sauteed garlic in EVOO first, add the tomatoes and mash them, add a little salt and red pepper flakes and then boil & simmer down until there is nearly NO water. My favorite pizza (not too healthy, but delicious) is fresh buffalo mozz, red sauce as above, low-fat ricotta, fresh basil, and prosciutto! It's UNREAL. Salad on the side for the veggies to balance it out. Also, we get our dough from bertucci's. It's like $4 for 2 small crusts and it's really really good! They will even roll it out for you if you want.

Wanna Be A Foodie said...

Matt won't eat chicken on pizza :( But maybe I can get him to have broccoli on it this week-- we have tons in our fridge.

Laura said...

That sounds so good! I will have to look for those tomatoes. I also LOVE anything buffalo! I have seen buffalo mozz but have yet to try it. That entire pizza sounds amazing!!! Maybe we can have a pizza party with all of the girls soon! I will have to pick up crust at bertucci's. It's my mom's favorite pizza, plus that is cheaper than the grocery store.
& what's with these picky hubbys?! ;o)

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