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May 24, 2010   
Wow, so I am moved out of my old apartment. Kind of sad, I truly think I'm going to miss that place, I know my little kitty will! She loved it there..

I've been meaning to post this recipe, but I haven't had much time. This weekend was super busyyyy!
But here it is: SPRING ROLLS. But these are special because I used rice paper to wrap them in!
I think the flavor was all there, I'd just fill them up good next time.

Here is a half picture/half word.. step by step recipe for your cooking delights:

1. For the main filler, use shrimp, scallops, or pork, such as pork chop/loin cut into bite sized pieces. (in this case I used scallops)
Also, get a small towel and dampen it, for the rice paper.
You will also need a shallow bowl or pan filled with hot water to soften the rice paper.
Rice noodles (can be found in asian food isle)
Veggies such as lettuce, carrots, zucchini, celery, etc.
Rice paper (asian food isle)
Dipping sauce
(for the dipping sauce I bought olde cape cod sesame ginger dressing and it's divine!)

2. Bring pot of water to a boil, take off heat and add rice noodles,
allow around 10 mintues for them to cook. Drain and rinse with cold water.
3. In the mean time, chop veggies.
& in a skillet, saute shrimp, scallops or pork with the dipping sauce/marinade for about 8 - 10 minutes.
4. Just before you are about to build your spring rolls, 
lay out the damp towel and have all your ingrediants close by.
(the rice paper gets sticky as it dries, this damp towel is so it doesn't stick to any surfaces)
5. Take a piece of the rice paper and soak it in the warm water bath for about 30 seconds, until soft.
Take out and place on the damp towel.
^hint - make sure you fill them nice and good!
7. Now it's time to roll these babies up.
First, roll over the top and fold under ingredients.
Second, fold edges in.
Third, finish by rolling it up like big cigar.


This was the first time I ever made these! I think they were fun to make and tasted just as good. I heard that you can deep fry them too, if you have a fryer. I do however, love the fresh clean flavors.

I was wishing for spring a while ago, and now I think it's getting to be too hot!!! Time for my air conditioner?..

Happy Eating! :)

xo Laura


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