Mama, If that's movin' up then I'm movin' out

May 20, 2010   
Moving out is theee worst! It's so time consuming.
But I guess you get to go through your stuff and throw away a lot of junk.. and depending your situation, it's a fresh start. So I guess there are positive sides to it. I just wish my little kitty could help me move boxes! ;o) The reason why I'm moving is because the semester is over for me at school, only ONE MORE and I'm all done! YAHOOO!
^ I secretly wish I had a truck like that!

I'll be back this weekend with a new fun recipe! It can be gluten free too!

xo Laura


rachel! said...

do you have one more year or one more semester left? ohh, but i hope you enjoy the fresh start and newness of everything. that truck is super cute. and everything inside of it. too cute!

ohh, and what are you going to sell in your etsy? we can go on our etsy-shop-store-opening-up journey together!

Laura said...

I just have one semesterrr!!
I think I'm going to sell a variety of things! I'm growing cat nip and I'm going to make cute little cat toys haha and some crochetd goodies.. tote bags and eventually jewelry!! we should definitely go on the journey together!
What are you going to sell?

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