June 28, 2010   
Does anybody remember this song??!!!

I happen to love this song so much! hahah
It is sooo 90's.. but I think it's silly and fun to sing with my girls :)

~ Laura


Meg said...

I said hey, hey, hey- ya, I do remember that song...classic! Have a wonderful evening!

Sonya Zombiee said...

I bought my dad the CD with that song on it a few months ago.
It's a good song. Veeery good. :D

Laura said...

I'm glad you both agree with me! haha my boyfriend thinks i'm a bit crazy!

Kelly D said...

Laura, I used to LOVE this song. I used to play the shit out of it!!! I forgot all about it...now i'm gonna have to add this one to my ipod. Thanks!!!

Laura said...

haha you are very welcome Kelly! I'm glad I reminded you of it.. it's a good one :)

Thera Joyce said...

I think your blog is fantastic! I'm giving you a blog award. You can pick it up here:


Thera Joyce

Cherry Red Studio said...

i gave you an award too :) but i so dont expect you to do more than 1 list haha.
you can get it here http://cherryredstudio1.blogspot.com/2010/06/today-i-got-my-first-blog-award-i-am-so.html

Laura said...

thank you ladies soooo much!!! I am going to give you both the award back too haha cuz I just love both your blogs :)

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