June 27, 2010   
UGH I have to work today :(
YES on a Sunday... I know. BLAFHKLSFJKLS:DFKLJ
But I work at place that holds functions and weddings, I have their link on the sidebar --->

I wanted to leave you with some Sunday eye candy... and the theme will literally be CANDY!

Generally I'm not a huge candy person, but when I'm in the mood, I LOVE IT!
Be back this week with a recipe and pictures I promised of my great grandmother's necklace & my end table I painted! :-D

x Laura

(pics from weheartit)


Meg said...

Now I want candy! Have a great day!

Rai said...

my BF works at a wedding place too, Rookery Manor. The pay's crap though and he gets stupid hours, like 7pm-12am on saturday then 6am-12pm on a sunday!

Anonymous said...

NOM candy :) x

Laura said...

Meg - I want candy too! :)
Rai - i get stupid hours too.. it sucks! But the pay is pretty good at mine

Amy Rose said...

um..yessss! I was just thinking of starting a series of drawings with a candy theme and I think this post just solidified it for me! : D yayayay! Sorry you had to work today. : ( My best friend works at a cupcakery and I hear wedding horror stories on a daily basis.

Sonya Zombiee said...

Ah! Reese's are my absolute favorite!

I'm sorry to hear you had to work on a Sunday. Poo.

Laura said...

Amy Rose - you should definitely do a series of drawings with candy!! I'd love to see them!.. and I have a TON of horror stories haha

Sonya - I love Reese's too! :)

JMay said...

omg, that candy is making me hungry for sweets :-)

Ashley said...

yum! I am addicted to sugar!

Laura said...

JMay & Ashley - I'm cravinggg sweets! go out and get some!!

Anonymous said...

lol. im so hungry, this was a terrible post for me to read!

Eva said...

mmm reese's peanut butter favourite

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