One Cool Pic

July 25, 2010   
Hello everyone!
It's Sundayyyyy. Sunday's are relaxing and lazy. and I love it!
Okay, so broken promises are never cool, but I PROMISE I will have a recipe or two this week. I mean, c'mon now! What have I been thinking! :)
I am also crossing my fingers for my blueberries to be ripe!
Here is the cool pic of the day:

I wish the sky was pink cotton candy sometimes!

xo Laura


Anonymous said...

Cute photo! My friend was just talking about blueberries this afternoon - she's growing some and managed to get FIVE good ones today hahaha :-)

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

adorable! i wish the sky was pink cotton candy too <3 ;)

Laura said...

Cafe' Bellini - only five!? hahah that stinks! My bushes are full of them.. but they are taking forever to turn blue!

Kim-Anh - i'm glad you agree with me :)

Cherry Red Studio said...

mmmm cotton candy! i wish i had blueberry bushes. my parents have some blackberry ones i need to go pick from soon

Meg said...

Love this pic! I hope that you are having a great day!

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