Fashion Friday

August 6, 2010   
Happy Friday readers!!
It's fashion fridayyy and here I have a simple number. Surprised that it's black?! yeahhh, I definitely need to break the habit of being drawn to black clothes all the time. I just can't  help it. I think it's a color that works best on my skintone and hair!
Lately I have been into gold. I was NEVER a gold kind of gal, so I'm not sure why I'm drawn to it so much now. Maybe it comes with aging?
I love the jewelry, those earrings are onyx and I happen to adore onyx jewelry! 
And that cuff is amazingggg and funky!

Enjoy the weekend!

xo Laura


Cherry Red Studio said...

im the same way with the black! i just always feel like it looks good. and i love super sparkly bright gold too! that cuff is awesome-it kinda looks like coral and ive been really into that lately

Laura said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one loving black all the time :)
and it does look like coral.. i'm into it lately too I can't get enough of it

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