Oh no!

August 4, 2010   
Okay so It's suppose to be wine-down Wednesdayyyy BUT... I am going to do the feature tomorrow. I know that ruins the point.. but it's my blog and I make the rules! :)
I just got a really good wine I am eager to try, but I wont open it until tomorrow.
For now I thought I'd spruce the page up with some eye candy. The theme will be PINK. I always think that pink is a total girly girl color, and I don't think I'm too too girly and I love pink... maybe I'm just weird for thinking that?

or maybe I am really girly and I just don't know it ;o)

xo Laura


Amy Rose said...

This post made me all kinds of happy!


Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

the house is so magical, i loved this post =D x

Laura said...

I'd love to live in that house!! :)

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