Fashion Friday

August 20, 2010   
It's Fridayyyy! except I have to work. so I'm not all that excited.
It is my last weekend before I head back to school.
I have one more semester and then I graduate! 
My school is an hour away from where I live, and I was going to commute 4 days a week, 
but I decided against it and got a cute one bedroom apartment for me and my kitty!

For this fashion post I put together this cute number. I LOVE IT!!! I would like to have this magically appear in my closet right abouuut now, please.
did i mention I LOVE IT?!
I'm over the fact that it's black again. I've accepted that mostly everything I wear will either revolve around black or have some sort of black in it. and I am completely okay with it! :)

I love the earrings! They have little skulls on top. How cute is that.
And I would totally rock that skirt ;o)

Enjoy the weekend I will be back Sunday!

xo Laura


Lauren said...

So awesome! I love it all!

Laura said...

me too :)

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