Life had dealt her several major blows, but she had survived them and, in doing so, she found in herself an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed.

August 16, 2010   
So usually I don't like to get toooo personal with this blog. I've only just started it last September so my family and friends could keep up with some of my recipes. And now I don't post recipes that often!! Sorry guys!... Once I have a nice camera.. and time other than school, I think I will be up and roarin' in the kitchen.

I also don't like to write too much when I blog, but I think I may vent a little through writing.
In June of this year, I just moved out of my childhood house that I lived in for 20 years into an apartment.
It was bittersweet and kind of sad, but it was time.
It's on the market now and a few weeks ago I went back to pick up some mail and just walked through the empty house. Just to take it all in one last time.
I walked through each bare room, allowing images of all the furniture and memories flood my mind.
Then as I walked through the living-room I yelled a little, so I could hear the echo. There was nothing there, except my own voice yelling back at me.
I then walked up the stairs and got flashbacks of our late dog Casie laying at the top, poking her head just past the top step.
I turned the corner, there was my old room. It was big and I used to share it with my sister for a period of our lives. Staying up late, giggling and being silly is all I could hear in my head.
Next, I went down the hallway and into my parents old room. The white walls and carpet seemed gloomy without anything there.
Then I decided to go into the attic. I'm not sure why. I think I thought I'd find something that was left in there.
I turned on the light, there was nothing.
Just as I turned around to shut the light and leave, I took one last look...
Something caught my eye.
On the floor there was something. A piece of paper. I walked up to it and it was an old round sticker.
It had a butterfly on it with the words Beautiful written across the top.
I picked it up.
I smiled.
I put it in my pocket.
And I left the house.


Thera Joyce said...

THIS is beautiful. What amazing writing. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

Matthew said...

It is diffcult leaving someplce so familiar and with so many memories. I know stuff has been diffrent lately and I will be here if you need anything. Both you and I know how significant that sticker is, there is no irony involved. The symbol of a butterfly and the word beautiful should say to you how the world thinks of you. That was fate to find that. The butterfly has so much significance to you and the fact that you were there to find...something. This story really is beautiful and it is a perfect example of the mysterious ways that the universe works. Beautiful

Lauren said...

Aww, that's so lovely! And I wouldn't call it venting at all... it's not angry :)

Laura said...

Thera - Thank you so much, that means soo much! :)
M - it was waiting for me there!
Lauren - I guess you are right! It's not venting haha! Thank you

Sarah said...

I love you and I will always remember spending nights in your bowl chair and watching you play under the porch! You will make so many memories in every place that you live and they will give you the warm and fuzzies for the rest of your life.
You are an amazing woman!

Cherry Red Studio said...

reminds me some of myself.....
your writing is lovely!

Laura said...

Sarah - i love you too! ahh the bowl chair... what a piece of crap! hahaha I still cant believe I went under that porch, how gross!
CRS - thank you :)

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