August 12, 2010   
My Favorite show ever is on tonight. 
PROJECT RUNWAY. does anyone else watch it? or do you find it obnoxious haha

I think it's too early in the season to tell who I like so far... But I think we have some serious talent in this bunch!

Have a Fantastic night!

xo Laura


Meg said...

I honestly have never watched it, I am usually watching cartoons or something like that! Plus, pre season football started this evening, so i won't have control of the tv for another 4 or so months! sigh!!!

Laura said...

I do love cartoons too! But you have an excuse with your little ones ;o)
It does start tonight UGH I forgot! men and their sports... what are we going to do with them?!

Sonya Zombiee said...

I don't often watch it, but I have seen a decent number of episodes and it's definitely not bad.
I have a friend who used to really love watching it, though, and she might still. She's the one who had me watch a lot of it at one point. Haha.
And, actually, I don't mind watching football. My boyfriend and his roommate got me into it last year. xD

Laura said...

haha ive tried to get into football.. but I never really put in the effort! :-p
and being an art major and all I'm a sucker for anything creative on tv :)

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

i'm such a pr fan! i love tim! x

Laura said...

tim is the best!!

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