Holy Cannoli

November 16, 2010   

I absolutely LOVE Cannolis. But they have to be done right. I've never attempted to make them before, because I'm not sooo good at making anything pastry (well the truth is, I just haven't tried enough!)

So can someone please bring me a box of these???!! Please!?

xo Laura


thrifted finds said...

um yum! i need one of these now

Jenna said...

Oh how i dislike your for making this post!!!!! hahaha

I LOVE cannoli's and I have been fortunate enough to have Italian family members successfully make these babies. My fav is the ricotta and chocolate chip mini yummmmmm

Sarah said...

Hello fellow Lune sponsor spot winner! I found your blog as a result of said contest and those cannolis really drew me in! I could use one or five of those right now. :)

Laura said...

Let's all vow to get a cannoli by the end of the week! ;)

and hello Sarah.. we are the lucky winners! haha I didn't even know I won until I saw your post!

Katie said...

this looks soo so sos ososososososso good!!!!

congrats to ussss! <3

vintch said...

oh. oh my. i am a new follower and super happy i found your blog. what a delicous thing you have posted! those all look super awesome!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Dear Laura,

I officially hate you. I am stuck at my office all day and now I can only focus on canolis.
I'll probably forgive you later.

Love your blog. Definitely following :)

Nicole Jeannette

Laura said...

Katie - yayyy us!
Vintch - Thankss I guess this cannoli post has everyone hungry!
Nicole Jeannette - haha sorry!! I reallly hope you forgive me! ;)

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