November 10, 2010   
Now it's come that time where I am able to get a new phone.

In the past I never had a difficult decision choosing one.. I'd just go on the site and find one that looked appealing and buy it. Simple as that.

But NOW as the phone market has become much larger.. and better phones have come out... I am in a rut.
Between these two babies:

Iphone 3gs


Blackberry Torch

I know what most people may say... IPHONE all the way.. and believe me I was all for getting the Iphone.... But now that I've done a tiny bit of research.. I'm on the fence.

One thing I do like about the torch is that I like the physical keyboard. I have used friends iphones and the keyboard is a pain in the ass for me to use. I know i may get used to it.. but the torch gives you the option of touch keyboard also.

In the past, I have never used any of my phones for the internet.. except to buy ringtones.
I would primarily use the phone I get for texting, email, and taking pictures.. and most likely FB. 

I'm not one for fancy apps or anything but I'm just NOT SURE! 
I should be getting it in the next couple weeks.. so any advice out there??

PS. I'm thinking of doing a blog makeover. this one is really bothering me lately.

xo Laura


blue eyed night owl said...

I just want my phone to work for calls and one or two texts a month, so I'm not really of any help. But I think if you would like to do more online get the torch, but if you really like the fun side of iPhone more, go for that one.

Good luck with the makeover! I did mine maybe 2 months ago and it felt much better. Even though I liked the old one, change can be really good.

xoxo Laura

Laura said...

thanks for the input! i've never been one for fancy phones.. so i'm jumping into this one.

I definitel think change will be good :)

Jenna said...

if you get either you will be paying a monthly date fee for internet usage. Since you don't use much internet I would say that neither phone would okay (financially) if you don't browse the internet and only use email. You can get a 'regular phone' and get a small date plan. with the iphone (which I JUST bought! wooo) it's a min of 25 a month for data/internet usage.

I didn't like the keyboard either I would use my boyfriends and friends and would get highly irritated lol. But I like the convenience of my iphone, the many things i can do with it and the keyboard isn't so bad... you get use to it and I just found out when you turn it sideways it shifts and its much easier to use. (its gotta be set up for certain applications to rotate) the keys actually seem wider or maybe i want to think that way. lol

good luck! I love my apple products so I knew I'd like my iphone :)

Laura said...

I think in the end I'm going with the Iphone...
I know I will HATE the keyboard at first... but I think honestly in the end it will be put to good use.. and I will use it for so much more than I think... annnd I love apple products too :)

Jenna said...

yay team iphone! you should def DL the app "words with friends" it's scrabble but you can play with your friends and its addicting.

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