I love shoes!!!

November 6, 2010   
So while stumbling around the internet I came across some Aldo boots that I'm in LOVE with.
I'm a huge sucker for shoes.. especially heels and boots. I am swooning over these pairs:

Some of you may hate these ^ But I have a secret love for anything fuzzy/furry. But when it's overdone, YUCK. I think this is tastefully done.. and I NEED THEM NOW!!
Simple, yet the detail in the front is just enough to intrigue me. It has that military feel to it, which I also LOVE.
Black Boot. Can't get enough of them. These will make your black boots stand out from the rest of 'em. I love the two tone and mixed materials.
One color I'm never really into is brown. I don't know why, I've always never really liked it. But these caught my eye, and made me take a second look at them. They are rugged yet classy with the heel.

I've been cooking quite a lot this weekend, but I don't have any camera.. so I may post some of my recipes with found images.. just to get them on here to share!
Enjoy your Saturday!

xo Laura


Cherry Red Studio said...

those are some prettry awesome boots! i have a huuuuuge shoe obsession. i just bought some ankle boots with cute little buttons and a pair of over the knee boots!

Cherry Red Studio said...

and i like fur too ;)

Laura said...

I'm glad someone else likes fur too ;o)
Those shoes sound amazingg! <3

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