November 2, 2010   
It's Tuesday.... Which means a new GLEE is on! 
I can't watch it until Wednesday though, because I don't have cable. So I watch it online the next day. 
Any fellow gleeks out there?  :)
While wandering blogs and sites, (as I do frequently) I stumbled across these GLEE Cookies! How freakin' cute!?
It's from this Blog  and she even has a recipe and tutorial on how to make them yourself!

On another note, I thought I'd share with you something I discovered.
Some may think it's gross, but to each their own! 
Where I live it's hard to cook a meal for myself during the week so I have resorted to finding quick and easy ways to cook, in a microwave. (UGH! never thought I'd say that, but I've been trying to have soups and baked potatoes)

The reveal is a packet of: Japanese Style White Miso Soup

Now when I go out for sushi or Japanese I always order Miso Soup. I love it and it's pretty good for you too.
When I saw this in the grocery store I was intrigued and decided to try it.
It's been sitting on my shelf for about a week and today I thought I'd divulge into it.
It was quick to make.. and it actually tasted just like the ones you order in the restaurants. I'm sure homemade is better, but hey for a quick meal that is different from your regular routine foods, this isn't a bad pick.
It's super easy to make, you just heat up water for 2 - 3 minutes than add the packet to a bowl with the hot water.
And it was pretty darn cheap too!
So next time you are in the mood for some soup that's not your average chicken noodle, head on down to your international foods isle and see if this stuff is waiting for you to bring home and try!

xo Laura 

PS. I updated my Recipe section at the top with a couple recipe I previously posted!


blue eyed night owl said...

Those cookies are so cool!

I am actually making miso tonight. Along with sushi, onigiri, honey dipped pumpkin and a Japanese dessert! I'm very excited, because I haven't cooked much before.

Laura said...

OOoo homemade miso?? that all sounds amazing!

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