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November 3, 2010   
My camera is official DEAD. One minute me and my girls were taking pics.. the next it died. I thought it was the batteries.. but NOPE :( so sad. So for a while I wont have a camera... UNLESS I get my Iphone in the next few weeks... then I can use that! Fingers crossed! xx

On another note, My template for my blog got kinda messed up (well I accidentally did it) So I had to mess around with it.. and I decided to do a slight change. The gray wasn't doing anything for me. So I'll leave it like this for now!

For now I am going to do a small  little review on a book. I just recently finished The Secret Life of Bees.
I thought it had a very good story line, with characters that helped pull you in and I was transported into their world.

From Amazon:
The main character, Lily Owens is fleeing an abusive father and an all-consuming truth surrounding her mother's death. The Secret Life of Bee's is set in the 1960's when racial tensions and violence were at an all time high. Lily and her caretaker Rosaleen, leave town after a violent encounter with racists while Rosaleen was attempting to exercise some of her newly granted freedoms. The Secret Life of Bee's is the story of mothers. The reader will travel with Lily as she experiences each of the four remarkable women ~ Rosaleen, May, June, and August. Each of these women is a teacher and guide to Lily. It is through her experiences that she is able to discern that a mother is more than just a biological bond.

I know this book was turned into a movie, but I have yet to see it. I always think the books are better than the movies anyways, so I'm not sure if I will even see it or not. But I do recommend reading it, it was a good read, but not something I'd have to read again. There were moments about life and love that were really uplifting especially bonding between females.

Maybe I will have a recipe from this weekend... I can't wait to have a kitchen again so I can cook regularly, this is killing me!

xo Laura


Brandi said...

Do Not see the movie. I really enjoyed the book but could have cared less for the movie (I find that to be true of the majority of book to movies). Sorry about the loss of your camera. Iphones take wonderful photos so hopefully you will get that sooner then later.

Laura said...

I don't think i will see it.. movies always ruin it!

Sarah said...

I taught The Secret Life of Bees 5 years ago (yes that long) and the movie wasn't out yet. The book is wonderful the movie, not so much.

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