Apple Honey BBQ Sauce

December 14, 2010   
Hello Loves!

Here is a quick recipe I got from one of my dear friends. 
beware vegetarians.. this isn't for you! sorryy!!!.. well the sauce could be!

Stew's Pulled Chicken with Apple Honey BBQ Sauce

Here is the Pulled Chicken Recipe to go along with the sauce:

 *(adjust if you want more or less)*
5lbs of Chicken Breast
3 12oz Dark Beer such as a Stout
3/4 bag brown sugar
4oz Molassas

Add ingredients to a crock pot or dutch oven. 
Cook for a few hours.
Shred chicken with two forks.
Remove juices and keep about 2 cups on reserve
 Add desired amount of Stew's Sauce and 1 cup of the reserved juices.
*the chicken will soak up alot of the juices so add remaining and shred once more.
Cook in the pot 4 - 5 hours on high or until done.

Serve with Rice or on rolls to make Pulled Chicken Sammies! 
*This sauce tends to be on the sweet side... so if you wish, adjust and taste as you go.

You bet that you can use this sauce for any kind of BBQ you can imagine and you could substitute the chicken with beef or even pork.


xo Laura


Sonya Zombiee said...

I just might die if I can't get any of this SOON.

Lauren said...


I'm definitely bookmarking this recipe for later. I'm asking for a crockpot for christmas, so hopefully I'll be able to make it!

Elle Sees said...

never heard of the sauce but HOLY CRAP do i want it now. doing it this wjend.

Laura said...

haha its sooo good! you have to try it ladies! :)

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