ugh finalssssss

December 13, 2010   
This week is finalsss! Then I'm done school!... and on to the real world.. yikes.
I have been super busy trying to get things done. But I promise things will be up and roarin' around here once I am all done and settled.

I'm also moving out of my apartment. *sigghhhh* moving is a pain. I feel like I've done it so much this past year. 

But anywaysss I will be back tomorrow with a short and sweet post.

^ Basically what I've been doing ;)
xo Laura


lindsay said...

so glad you are done doll! hope you have some fun S.T.U.D.Ying ♥

looking forward to your short & sweet post :)

Laura said...

thank you! I posted a recipe.. for meat lovers though :-/

I thought today was my feature day at lune.. I was going to announce that haha but I think the days for mixed up! oops!

Laura said...

got* mixed up
not for haha

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