Always, Sometimes, NEVER!

September 28, 2009   
The weeks go by so fast. Before we know it, it will be the weekend! It's crazy. Time flys and I dont like it! Soon I am going to post a recipe of Mini AppleCrumb Pies that I will be creating! I can't wait for them to come out and for you to see them! :) Here are MINI PUMPKIN PIES! from Bakerella!

These are SOOO CUTE! I want to make them right now. As I said, I will be making Mini AppleCrumb Pies this week inspired by these! Mine will be larger than these but still with that "mini" feel!
I will post my pics, even if they stink!

Here is something just for fun!:

-wake up to a fuzzy face and a wet nose smooshing mine (my kitty!)
-drink OJ
-wear black
-want to be cooking
-flip my hair with my hands, always.
-love animals, all shapes, and kinds.
-up for good laughs


-play video games. FUN ONES like mariokart or the sims!
-bite my nails :(
-will snack late at night
-can flip my eggs without the yolk breaking. (it usually always happens!)
-wish I was a kid again
-i'd rather sit and do nothing
-watch birds


-Drink coffee(it kills my stomach!)
-eat dried fruits, peas, grapefruit
-watch horror movies
-sit in the front (except in the car)
-got pulled over before (knock on wood!)
-eat anything coconut
-treat others how I don't want to be treated (atleast I try!)

What do you always, sometimes, never?


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