The dangerous stuff...

October 6, 2009   
This stuff right here ladies and gents is VERY DANGEROUS!

It is definitely on my top ten list of favorite things on this earth. I cannot just have one bite. You'd have to pay me ALOT of money to just have one bite. My stomach isn't too happy after I eat this stuff but my taste buds and mood are at an all-time HIGH when I am indulging it.
So if you need solutions to put me in a good mood.... *hint*hint! (kidding... )
What is your ALL-TIME-FAVORITE ice cream flavor?

Anyways I'm not so good at this blog thing yet, maybe being in school is distracting me even though i'd rather be cooking all day and making things! I am still going to create MINI APPLE PIES! I honestly have not had time to bake them but I PROMISE in the next week I will have them up for everyone to see! :)
With that being said, I DO have a recipe for you. It's a simple one but it's one of my favorite dishes. Like my apple crisp, I am sure you may have a recipe similar or even the same.. but this is just how I make it. I didn't find the recipe anywhere I just kind of went with it:


4 boneless chicken breasts
1 large head of broccoli
1 stick of butter or margerine (sounds like alot but it acts as a butter sauce! you could always use less)
2 cloves garlic chopped (or two tsp of minced garlic)
1 box ziti
Grated Parmesan cheese for serving
(seasonings I use-  Sometimes I throw in whatever I think will taste good not just these! feel free to add whatever you like)
Salt (to taste)
Pepper (couple teaspoons)
Italian Seasoning (about a teaspoon)
Onion Powder (about a teaspoon)
Crushed Red Pepper (just a pinch!)
Garlic Powder (about a teaspoon)

Cut up chicken in about one inch cubes. In a large deep pot or saute pan begin by cooking the chicken over medium heat with some Olive Oil so it wont stick. I throw in about a TBS of butter with a little bit of every seasoning that I listed, including the garlic.

I then toss in the broccoli spears and add in the rest of the butter and season it again.

While this finishes cooking, I boil a large pot of water for the Ziti. You can use any kind of pasta really, for this I only had linguine so thats what I used but typically the sauce and ingredients stick better to pasta like ziti or rotini.

Once the pasta is done, I either toss it into the chicken and broccoli mix (only if I cooked it in a large deep pot) or I will just spoon the chicken broccoli mix right onto a bed of pasta. Either way it all tastes the same!
I finish it off by topping it with parmesan cheese!

This is what the final product should look like!
I do appologize for my poor quality of photos. I am not a photographer by any means and I have never been very good at even taking any point and shoot pictures so this is good for me!
If you like these kinds of dishes then I think you will really enjoy this fast and simple dish. The flavors meld together very well and it's OH SO TASTEY! Like I said for the seasonings, you can be as generous as you want with them. In the past, I also have added lemon pepper seasoning, you could even add lemon zest to kick it up whatever you like! ENJOY IT!
xoxo Laura.


Rachael said...

I might try this for dinner tomorrow!!

Laura said...

yayy! it's really easy!! Let me know if you do!

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