Cool Idea!

October 12, 2009   
It's late sunday night, actually monday morning (I don't consider it the next day until I wake up, weird I know!) But I thought i'd share a couple cool things I stumbled across!
THIS I think is a FABULOUS IDEA! I know it's not summer and grilling season is over, but I think you could bake these in the oven and it would work out just as delicious...

THESE.. are skewered with rosemary sprigs! The idea is (of course) from Martha Stewart (whom I actually like alot!) I am definitely going to try this idea. You would have to find thick rosemary sprigs though, which may be hard to find. But just IMAGINE the flavor that gets infused into the food. Just like regular wooden skewers you have to soak the stalks for 30 minutes before cooking them so they wont burn. Also poking holes into the meat or even fish with a metal skewer might help before sticking it with the rosemary one. MMMmm can't wait to try it!

I also came across some pictures of really beautiful rooms:

This is part of the kitchen in an old Mediterranean house. I absolutely love LOVE this.

And this is the living room of a Spanish style house. LOOK at those gorgeous archways. I love the clean, smooth white against the textured furs and tans, so beautiful!

I hope everyone has tomorrow(today) off and enjoys it! Matthew and I will be enjoying some good company & yummy bites from Doreen and Chris. Can't wait :)
XoXo Laura.


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