November 30, 2009   
December is HERE!!.. well 6 hours away! It's my favorite month out of the entire year, not only because it's the holidays but because it's my birthday! To be honest, up until probably this past week I wasn't feeling the holiday spirit but now I am FEELING IT!! Matthew and I bought a tree and decorated it and we decorated the apartment, we did this while watching Elf and The Grinch with Jim Carey. It certainly made me feel warm inside (as cheesy as that sounds). I love making homemade gifts for people and usually I start the gifts and never finish them, unless it's a food gift. So my goal for this year is to COMPLETE all of the homemade gifts I plan to make. Check back after the holidays to see if this really happened :)
One thing I LOVE to make is chocolate covered pretzels. They are definitely on my top 10 favorite foods list. If you are lucky maybe you will get some from me!

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas is ready to decorate and trim the tree and house, unless you already have! This week I will be having a GUEST BLOGGER: MATT! He isn't really a blogger but will be guest posting his Chili Recipe! Stay warm.
<3 Laura


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