Navy Classic

June 25, 2010   
It's FRIDAY!  But i'm not too excited because I work on the weekends :(

But it's Fashion Friday's here at LaLaLovely... and I'll start out by saying once again, that I think my style is simple.. yet kind of clean cut... but i'm not too sure because I am by NO means a fashion guru, I just put together what I like.
I have a sister who is close in age with me and some people think we are twins... and she says I'm the "ashley" and she's the "mary-kate." I'm not too sure what that means (haha) but I think Ashley has a more cleaner cut style than Mary-Kate... as you can tell I don't follow those girls too much.

For this Fashion Friday Feature, I went with a classy little navy number. I'd wear this any day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
with love,


CupKay said...

aww so cute! I want that outfit!

Amy said...

i love ashley's style :p great blog and lovely outfit!

Laura said...

Thank you! :)

JMay said...

omg, I love that dress!!!!

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