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June 26, 2010   
Hi everyone!

I just found this site and I wanted to share it with you because it's a pretty amazing!
It's called: Shop It To Me

Here is a little detail on what the site is about:
The Service:
Today Shop It To Me is an effortless way to find sales on more than 700 brands.
You tell us what's important to you-brands, categories of clothing and accessories, your sizes - and we work as your free personal shopper, scouring the web to find the best prices on the items you love.

I know when I shop online it's hard to actually find clothes that I like at good prices. And I don't always have time to go to the store, so this is perfect for me. For example, I have a wedding to go to in two weeks, and I've already searched stores where I live and have yet to find anything cute for a good price. So I think this will help!

Normally I never do stuff like this,  but this one was too good to not share... especially being a shopaholic!
And if you sign up (it's FREE!) and get 10 friends to sign up they give you a free 10 dollar gift card. How sweet is that! I think if the word gets passed on anyone who signs up has the potential to recieve a ton a free money to shop with.

I hope this is beneficial to you if you are an online shopper! There are tons of brand names and you can customize which sales come to you!

Have a Happy Sunday

Peace, Love, and New Clothes!

x Laura


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